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Both new and previously owned LPs are available for sale on this website. New LPs are those sealed in plastic, which have not been opened. The condition of these records is assumed to be mint; it is very rare -- but not impossible -- to open a sealed LP and find a record that is damaged.

For each pre-owned LP listed on this site, you will see a notation about the condition of the LP and the slipcase.

When I describe an LP as "mint," "pristine," "glossy," "immaculate," "unplayed" or "like new," I mean precisely that: the record is in mint or mint minus condition, without any spindle wear, with absolutely no blemishes or markings to be seen. The finish is just what you'd expect from a brand new record, one that has not been handled previously and almost certainly never played -- or perhaps played a single time. I own thousands of such LPs -- many copies once owned by former radio stations, which were given the LP as promos by record companies on condition that the cellophane be removed. Many of these LPs were never placed on a turntable.

An LP that is in "excellent" condition may have been lightly played (as evidenced by some spindle markings on the label) but is similarly free of any markings.

LPs that are in "very good" condition likely have a surface blemish or two on the surface, the result not of abuse but rather of prolonged contact with the inner paper sleeve. The problems is solely cosmetic: there are no scratches and the audio will be unaffected.

LPs that are in "good" condition may have some superficial surface markings, a hairline or two, sometimes (but rarely) a scratch about which one will be unable to do anything. There will be an occasional pop or click, but these noises can almost always be addressed with a good cleaning.

As a rule I do not sell LPs below "good" quality.

Slipcases. The slipcase is rarely in brand new condition. Most often it is in "good shape" or in "good condition" -- this means that it has been in storage, in a box, for some years, and might have a ding or two as a result of having been moved around, but that it is free of tears, sound, and has no obvious defects. If a slipcase has a tear or a surface blemish, it will be indicated in the description.

If you have any questions whatsoever about how I grade, or would like additional photos of any LP I list on this site, please do not hesitate to write me.

My philosophy: I treat others the way I want to be treated, and that is why my eBay, Discogs, and Amazon feedback is at 100%. I am a one-person operation and take the time necessary to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Free Shipping on all domestic US orders; overseas customers, please contact me for shipping information.