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A Treasury of Gregorian Chants

Four LPs are immaculate. Box is in very good condition.
A Treasury of Gregorian Chants - Everest 3159/4
A Treasury of Gregorian Chants - Everest 3159/4
Catalogue number: 3159/4

Gregorian Chants, Volume I
Salve Regina
Sanctorum Meritis
Jesu Corona Virginum
Libera Me
Chorus Angelorum & Clementissime
Ceremony Of Taking The Veil
Victimae Paschali
Lumen Hilare
Vexilla Regis
Fortem Virili Pectore
Ave Maria Stella
Gaudeamus Omnes In Domino

Gregorian Chants, Volume II
Christus Natus Est
Christe Redempter
Hodie Christus Natus Est
Litany Of Easter Eve
Salve Fieste Dies
Surrexit Dominus Vere
Vidi Aquam
Sunday Processional
Improvsation On "Salve Fieste Dies"
Monastery Bells

Gregorian Chants, Volume III
Mass Of The Immacculate Conception
Vox Turturis
Nolite Timere
Lumen Hilare
Annue, Christe
Beata Wandregisili
Salve, Virilis Pectoris
Regem Cui Omnia Vivunt
Credo Guod Redemptor
Miserere Et Parce
Recordare, Virgo Mater
Super Flumina
Cantus Mariales

Gregorian Chants, Volume IV
Kyrie (2nd Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. III Ad Lib. Cisterc. VI
Sanctus (3rd Ecclesiastical Mode)-Agnus (8th Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. VI-Cisterc. VI
Kyrie (1st Ecclesiastical Mode)-Vat. 1 Ad Lib. Cisterc I Ad Lib.
Gloria (6th Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. VII-Cisterc, XIII
Kyrie (3rd Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. II & XVI-Cisterc. V & XV
Sanctus-Agnus (4th Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. III-Cisterc. Ad Lib.
Kyrie-Gloria (1st Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. XIII-Cisterc. XII
Kyrie (8th Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. I & XIV-Cisterc. XI & XIII
Kyrie (1st Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. X & VII Ad Lib.-Cisterc. VIII & III Ad Lib.
Sanctus-Agnus & Sanctus (2nd Ecclesiastical Mode) Vat. XII & XVI-Cist. XII & XV
Kyrie-Sanctus-Agnus Dei (Ed. Vat. XVI)
Gloria Angelorum (Ed. Vat. XIII)
Kyrie (Vat. XVIII) & Kyrie (Firmator Sancte-Vat. VIII Ad Lib.)
Sanctus & Agnus (Vat. XVIII); Agnus (Vat. II Ad Lib.); Ite Missa Est (Vat. XV)
Kyrie (Orbis Factor XI) & Kyrie (Vat. X Ad Lib.)
Gloria (Ambrosian Chant)
Sanctus (Vat. XIII); Agnus (Vat. X); Ite Missa Est (Vat XI)
Gloria (Vat. XV)

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